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First regional presentation of WellFood project, organized

LIR Evolution in cooperation with Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Republika Srpska, organized 1st Regional presentation of the project in Banja Luka on June 23rd 2014.

In order to inform wider audience about main project goals: innovation support in agri-food sector, knowledge transfer and necessity for production of quality food according to modern standards, participants were informed with project details.

Following lectures of the experts were organized:

1.       Dr Vid Kopanja, Legal overview of agricultural and food sectors, Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Republika Srpska

2.       Professor Radoslav Grujic, Traceability in food processing, Faculty of Technology, University of East Sarajevo

3.       Dr. Drago Nedic, Safety and quality check of animal origin food, Veterinary institute of Republika Srpska “Dr. Vaso Butozan”, Banja Luka

4.       Engineer Dragana Kovacic Josic, Laboratory analysis implemented by the Department for plant protection, seed and biotechnology of Agricultural Institute of Republika Srpska, Agricultural Institute of Republika Srpska

5.       Tatjana Docic Kojadinovic , instead of Dr Tihomir Predic, Laboratory analysis performed by Agro-ecology Department of Agricultural Institute of Republika Srpska, Agricultural Institute of Republika Srpska

6.       Mr. Mile Gluvacevic , GLOBAL GAP and Organic production, Consultant and auditor for GLOBAL GAP and organic food production. 

1st Regional Event of Wellfood project gathered 31 participants. There were representatives of food producers, NGOs, Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska and experts from agri-food sector.

Final session of the Event was reserved for food growers and producers, where they introduced their products.

Tasting of secure and healthy food, produced by the Event participants was organized in order to introduce those products to the participants.

Food producers that participated at 1st WellFood regional event were:

-        Agrojapra, Donji Agici

-        Eko-Bel, Ltd, Banja Luka

-        Prijedorcanka, Co, Prijedor

-        Vitaminka, Co, Banja Luka

-        Agricultural cooperative, Livac, Aleksandrovac

-        Representatives of fruit growers of Republika Srpska


WellFood project presented at Regional Conference of Adriafootouring project

Partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, engaged in implementation of Adriafootouring (Adriatic Food and Tourism, Innovative SMEs) project (http://www.adriafootouring.eu/), LIR Evolution and PREDA, organized Regional Conference in National Park “Kozara”, near City of Prijedor on June 13th 2014.

Regional Conference (http://adriafootouring-rc-bih.preda.rs.ba/) was excellent opportunity to promote WellFood project, due to fact that both projects share common goals and stakeholders.

Adriafootouring Regional Conference gathered various relevant stakeholders in one place. Representatives of local authorities of City of Prijedor, Government of Republika Srpska (Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of Republika Srpska), National info points for Horizon 2020, Tourist organization from the region, NGOs and project partners from Italy and Montenegro participated. 58 participants, involved in sectors of food and tourism, attended the Conference.

LIR Evolution, Project Officer Mr Igor Lukić, presented WellFood project to the participants of the Conference. At the beginning of the project presentation, WellFood partnership and its financial potential were presented. In addition, Mr Igor Lukić presented the project details, its goals, outputs and the most important, expected results of the project. The importance of the ADRIFOOD CLUSTER has been emphasized, as an important tool for development of food sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for success of WellFood project in general. Due to the fact that ADRIFOOD CLUSTER is going to be a network of researchers, experts, food producers, businesses and consumers, it can be basis for innovation, resulting with sustainable food sector whose product is going to be secure, quality and traceable. Nowadays, new ideas and knowledge transfer is essential for development of food sector, especially in country like Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lack of financial funds necessary for new technologies and for development of agricultural sector can be overcome through projects like WellFood. WellFood project is aiming at cooperation between stakeholders from countries gathered through the project, resulting in innovations and knowledge transfer.   

At the end of the presentation, project’s vision of the Adriatic region as place where quality and secure food is coming from, was emphasized. 

The 2nd Transnational Partner Meeting and Regional Conference- the project ADRIA FOOTOURING organized by PREDA and LIR Evolution

LIR Evolution and PREDA Agency for Economic Development of the Prijedor City  jointly organized the 2nd  Transnational Partner Meeting and Regional Conference in the Hotel Monument, National Park Kozara, BiH, in period 11-13th, June 2014.

ADRIAFOOTOURING project partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania  participated in the meeting. The first two days of the Transnational Meeting were dedicated to the discussion regarding the project progress, activities implementation, results achieved, financial implementation and issues affecting the project progress. 

On the third day, 13the of June 2014, Regional Conference was held. On the Regional Conference participated the project partners and important  local stakeholders involved in sectors of the food and tourism, such as representatives of University of Banjaluka, representatives of Ministry for Economic Relations and Cooperation, University of East Sarajevo representatives, Joint Technical Secretariat BiH representatives, Oxfam Italy representatives, representatives of LINK Mostar, UPIP Zepce, NBR Modrica, Tourist Organization of the Prijedor City, Tourist Organization of the Banjaluka City and PLOD Center Bihac. Participants at the Regional Conference gained knowledge about opportunities for financing of innovative projects in sectors of food and tourism, as well as examples of the best practices in the sectors of food and tourism.

At the end of the Regional Conference participants reached the following conclusions:

-          Tourism and food sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina have potential,

-          For good ides there are various financing opportunities,

-          There are best practices in these sectors,

-          Adria Footouring can provide various opportunities to interested parties from these sector, especially through implementation of the virtual incubator,

-          In Bosnia and Herzegovina,  the demand for traditional food is higher then the offer.

More information about the Regional Conference are available on the following website  http://adriafootouring-rc-bih.preda.rs.ba/



Announcement, TERRE Promotional materials

Within the TERRE project, SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, interested firms for production of promotion materials are needed. Interested firms are invited to send their references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The call is open until 01/07/2014.

Network for Rural Development (NRD) in Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of ELARD

Only a month after its establishment, the Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH MRR), which LIR Evolution is a membor of, in effort to connect with other similar organizations, has become a member of one of the most important organizations in Europe that promotes and implements the LEADER approach to rural development. At the regular session of the Assembly of European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD), held on 29 May in Brussels, NRD BiH is unanimously accepted into membership of this European network.

By becoming a member of ELARD, the NRD BiH will realize multiple benefits of importance for sustainable rural development in BiH. The membership in ELARD will enable NRD BiH to:

- Improve understanding, promotion and implementation of LEADER approach;

- Gain  support to innovative rural development projects;

- Exchange  experiences and knowledge with a wide range of organizations and LAGs across the EU;

- Protect the interests and needs of rural population in front of EU institutions;

- Bind with other networks and institutions that work in accordance with the principles of sustainable rural development;

- Organize events among different organizations and local action groups at the EU level;

- Find suitable partners for EU projects, both for the NRD BiH and for its members;

- Use the database of innovative projects implemented in the EU, with an aim of finding a model of development that can be applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina;

- Timely receiving all the information and support regarding all relevant issues in the field of rural development at the EU level.

ELARD is founded in Belgium in 1999, as an international non-profit organization, by national LEADER networks and Local Action Groups (LAGs) from France, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Currently, it includes members from 22 countries, mainly members of the European Union. More than 1070 of Local Action Groups are involved in the ELARD, either through their national or regional network or as  standalone members. ELARD is, continuously, working to expand its membership, particularly among the new EU member states and countries that are in the pre-accession phase, in order to create a diverse cultural and national united front with the goal of sustainability and rural development in Europe.

More about ELARD can be found by following the link: http://www.elard.eu/

Announcement: TERRE WP4 expert

Within the TERRE project, SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme, external expertise is required for development of technical-economic-financial plans for local development related to renewable energy sources. Interested experts are invited to send their CV and references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The call is open until 01/07/2014.